Tune In To YES 11
YES Montreal


TUNE IN TO YES9 was an amazing success raising close to $80,000 to maintain and improve YES’ essential services -- providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses. Thank you to all those who participated - we hope to see you again this year.

Praise for TUNE IN TO YES
Congrats to the YES staff! What a great night. The venue was terrific,
the atmosphere was great, and the entertainment was superb! My
guests and I had a wonderful evening.

David Moscovitz
I started using the business coaching services at YES Montreal in March of 2010 with Mr. Gerald "Gerry" Silverberg. Since my coaching sessions have started, my views on being an entrepreneur have changed tremendously.
The coaching services offered at YES not only put me in contact with people who care about me and my start-up business but they've also allowed me to be more precise in understanding what it's going to take for my project to get off the ground and give birth to my vision. The program at YES has given me loads of confidence and helped me create a refined approach to help me get through some of the unpredictable hurdles entrepreneurs have to face when first starting a business.

The fees to receive business coaching services are close to nothing yet you get to work with an elite staff that gives you the proper advice and positive feedback to help you grow. I've also been fortunate to receive some TV exposure with CTV while participating in the program.

My participation in the program is something that will help me as a person to one day become a solid leader in the sports industry and I strongly recommend that entrepreneurs strongly consider participating in the program if they're starting a business or better yet established within their respective industry. The benefits are too important to neglect such an opportunity.

Sambu Ndungidi, Entrepreneurship Client 2011